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Jewish Wedding Gift Store

Jewish Wedding Gift Store
Jewish Wedding Gift Store

Our Jewish wedding gift and supply store has everything you need to organize a Jewish Wedding as well as a wide range of gift ideas for sale.

Setting up the right event

Organizing a Jewish wedding can be a daunting task which is why ahuva have a full range of what you’ll need to organise your event. This starts with a range of Jewish wedding invitations from the traditional multi-coloured paper to innovative options such as mini-prayer shawls (talitot) or in full box sets which include RSVP cards and Thank You Cards. We also stock Jewish wedding benchers which are the small pray books used at the end of the meal to say the to thank G-d for the food that has just been consumed.

No Hebrew nuptials would be complete without two of the most important ingredients. First is the Jewish wedding canopy under which the bride and groom are joined together. This can be something simple and elegant of a dramatic piece of art that will hang in the marital home for evermore. We have nearly 50 different varieties to suit all tastes and they can be customized to add a special touch. View our range here Chuppah – Wedding Canopy

Key Ingredients Jewish Wedding Marriage Ceremony - Glass for breaking & Marriage Contract

Another key ingredient for the Jewish wedding marriage is the breaking of the glass. While the breaking of a Jewish wedding glass is often thought of as a happy event because it signals the official close of the wedding, it is really meant to bring a touch of sadness to the event by recalling the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem by the Romans in the year 97 CE. It is an essential element of the event and no traditional nuptials would be complete without it. We stock glass creations that have been sourced exclusively for the purpose of being broken under the Wedding Canopy. The broken shards can be displayed in our Mezuzot, in a specially built Frame, Vase or Menorah. They are available on our site in gold, silver, blue, purple, pink or emerald green. Each one comes with its own pouch secured by a draw string to keep it clean and the contents safe so they can be cherished for many years to come.

The final necessary ingredient, apart from the bride, groom and witnesses is the Jewish wedding Marriage Contract. In Hebrew, it’s called a Ketubah and more than one are called Ketubot. The traditional transaction is, in many ways, the man making a promise to care for his wife. But more than a general statement of intent, a marriage in Judaism is a legally binding transaction. The man MUST ensure for his wife’s welfare, even in the event of divorce, and he promises in the marriage contract to do so. Should he fail to do so, he will be liable to punishment by the Religious Court system.

In modern times, these Jewish wedding contracts have become incredible works of art to be displayed with pride is a noticeable area of the marital home. We have a range of over 120 different ketobot for you to choose from. Styles vary from traditional to modern and everything in between. They all have empty spaces so you can include the names of the happy couple and room for the witnesses to attest that they saw the event and all the necessary regulations were complied with. You can view our range here Ketubot – Wedding Contract

Getting the right present

It can be difficult to find just the right present for a wedding from the top of your head. So I’m glad that you found our page! We have an amazing array of presents for the happy couple to suit every price range. Our items can be gift wrapped and personalized to make it just that little bit more special.

When it comes to Jewish wedding nuptials in Judaism, there are many traditional gifts that are provided. Generally, it is the time when the bride and groom seek to establish their homes so it’s traditional to provide them with items that will enable them to create a traditional home. Our entire sites has the complete range of items for the best wedding presents so please explore it all. This section is dedicated to specific Jewish marriage-related presents.

While most people get their Jewish wedding rings from jewelers, we stock rings that can’t be found at your regular shopping mall. These are specifically designed as Jewish wedding marriage bands and are inscribed with Hebrew writing taken from beautiful sections describing committed love from the Holy Bible. Under the Chuppah (Wedding Canopy) tradition demands that a cup of wine is consumed. We have a range of cups designed especially for the marriage ceremony with the option of having them engraved with the names of the marital couple or any other words that are appropriate.

Great ideas for presents you may not have considered

We sell standing traditional Roman Columns which light up. I suppose this makes them a little less traditional but they are great to add a touch of color and novelty to your Jewish wedding and marriage ceremony or after for many years. We have great picture frames to display in your home for many years. They are timeless and classic so they will not age, even if you do look back on them and realize how you’ve aged. Marriage-themed art is another specialty with lithographs, albums and sculptures in glass, silver and gold.

A few quick ideas on Jewish Marriage never go astray. Marriage is considered a seminal event in the life of the couple. So much of Judaism is built on the home and the family. Having chosen the person to spend your whole life with - hopefully - the Jewish wedding event that marks the beginning of forever is particularly important. We wish you all the very best on the big day and for your entire marriage. We hope that our products help to make the organization easier and the event sweeter. We would also be pleased to know that our products will hold a precious place in the marital home for many years to come. Mazel Tov!!!

Our Tallit Store sells every Tallit gift you can expect from a premium Tallit store. Shop online and enjoy the best Tallit supplies to celebrate prayer.

Honey Dishes

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Our Tallit Store sells every Tallit gift you can expect from a premium Tallit store. Shop online and enjoy the best Tallit supplies to celebrate prayer.

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